We EPG group one of the Biggest Chain and sprocket manufacturer in China. We provide you most type of industry chains, agricultural chains, conveyor chains and related sprockets etc……..

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Let specialize in power transmission products,pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes , CATV products, mechanical seal, hydraulic and Pheumatic, and promotional products.Standard roller chain & sprocket is available with pitches from 1/2 to 3 inches. Chain & Sprocket numbers are determined by multiplying the pitch by 80 (a 1/2 inch pitch chain & sprocket would be a No. 40 chain & sprocket). A hyphenated suffix indicates multiple strands.us fulfill your specialty orders with a 47-inch V-belt. ept Roller Chain & Sprocket matches high-quality materials to reasonable prices on every 4L470 V-belt. Take just 1 look at the A45 belt to see a difference. SBR and natural rubber make up the belt’s main section. The product is precisely shaped with dimensions of 0.41-inch thickness and 0.66-inch top width. Discover high-strength polyester cords within each 4L470 belt. The design is based on flexibility mixed with strength in any application.

Every A45 V-belt offers oil and heat resistance so that long-lasting operations are possible. The 40-degree angle base will keep the belt seated into position even during tandem operations with other belts. Try ept Roller Chain & Sprocket’s stock of precision parts. We offer discounts on bulk orders and more. Our success stems from your productive endeavors. Allow us to partner with your machinery with belts that last.

A45 V-Belt Construction:

  • Cover – High-quality cotton/ polyester blend
  • Compound – Natural rubber/ styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)
  • Cord – High-strength polyester

Note: We also have Cogged V-Belts

China  in Jaipur India  A45 V-Belt - A-Section 47

China  in Jaipur India  A45 V-Belt - A-Section 47

China  in Jaipur India  A45 V-Belt - A-Section 47